Games (That We Can Play)

May 25, 2011

I saw Oneohtrix Point Never at ATP the other week. Mesmerising. Met Daniel (Lapatin) before the show and he was a lovely man too. Very chilled.

Daniel has another project called Games which is superb too, whereby he works with Joel Ford of Tigercity. I’ll be playing Shadows In Bloom at our DJ sets this weekend. Speaking of which, here are the details:

Friday 27th May – The Victoria, Birmingham. Launch of the Out of Bounds label, appearing alongside Discomendments

Saturday 28th May – Bull’s Head, Birmingham. Thisistmrw show, launching Mark E‘s new album Stone Breaker. Getting great press at the moment. Album of the week at Picadilly Records.

All delighted people raise their hands *raises hands*

May 24, 2011

Been a busy few weeks here at Free School HQ. First up was Sufjan Stevens at the Royal Festival Hall, which entered my top 5 gigs of all time (not a real list, just a notional one). I’ll let The Independent and the FT do the talking but I found it to be a phenomenal show. The crystal clarity of the vocals was at times unbelievable. The boldness, the courage and the invention. Blew. Me. Away.

Drowned In Sound have some great photos here.  I did a stoopid video for Winkball which you can see here.

Lamb is alive

December 2, 2008

stage lamb