Dark Intervals or Keith Jarrett >>> Free School

June 28, 2011

I want to talk about Keith Jarrett. The man who (reluctantly) helped Miles go electric.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. Responsible for the most popular solo piano recording of all time, the Koln concert, he is a huge inspiration for our track Lemon. His ability to improvise and use the well of music within him to produce a blend of gospel, classical, film music, blues, improv and (almost) pop is mindblowing.

So when me and Andy sat down to improvise (coming from a much different place, obviously) for what became Lemon, I tried to get to a similar place that Mr Jarrett gets to. I AM NOT COMPARING US TO KEITH JARRETT. (I am comparing us to Keith Jarrett)

Mr Jarrett also likes one of my favourite booksBut Beautiful by Geoff Dyer. Go read it if you haven’t already. It’s (But) Beautiful.

So let’s talk….. Do people get the link? Here is Mr Jarrett’s Americana from his 1988 album Dark Intervals and below that is Lemon, taken from our forthcoming EP release on Tirk.

Derek Bailey….for Armani…

April 16, 2011

So er… the new Armani ad uses a David Sylvian track called Trauma, featuring none other than Derek Bailey and Fennesz……interesting…

Four Tet improv set on KEXP radio. Lovely, lovely stuff

April 10, 2011

Flatpack Festival #1

March 26, 2011

Been seeing some great stuff at Flatpack Festival. First up was Sakamoto Hiromichi performing after a showing of We Don’t Care About Music Anyway. He took a grinder or a sander to the spike on his cello, producing sparks. Bit showy but when the improv was juxtaposed with the melodic samples it took the music to a real nice place. Like a minimal version of the Spring Heel Jack stuff.