Cities are the bodies of our collective souls

August 29, 2011

Round up:

Great blog on the pissy New Street staircase (update: it’s now closed off. For good…) –


We did some music for two short films by Film Division.

End credits and Sound FX for Internalised:

Internalised ‘Directors Cut’ from Film Division Productions on Vimeo.



And the music for the Finders Keepers trailer:

Finders Keepers ‘Canada Cut’ from Film Division Productions on Vimeo.



Here’s a lovely video by Old Dead Eye

From the City from Old Dead Eye on Vimeo.


And for making your way through all that, here’s a great track which Jay Z used for Girls, Girls, Girls:

The Last Days of Disco or Disco Sucks

July 4, 2011

I watched the final instalment of Whit Stilman‘s ‘doomed-bourgeois-in-love’ trilogy yesterday, The Last Days of Disco. All three are really hard to get hold of but if you can, do buy them all. It took me around 10 attempts to get in to Metropolitan if I’m honest. Which I am. Mostly. But once I’d gotten over that hurdle, Barcelona was a breeze. And I’m no film critic so I’m not going to dissect them here (I’ll save that for my lucky friends) but here’s a clip where The Lady & The Tramp is discussed. This reminds me of Seinfeld where Jerry and George discuss comic book superheroes or the fudge distribution in a sundae or being a half-man double-team relationship machine:

And how does this relate to Free School? Well, two things. I’m interested in the ‘Disco Sucks’ movement and the film shows this fascinating clip:

There’s also some great music featured, including this little gem:


Nuit Blanche / KINO 10

May 8, 2011

The next KINO 10 night is taking place at the Bull’s Head in Moseley, in Birmingham, in the West Midlands on Sunday 15th May. People go! I’m at ATP that weekend so can’t make it I’m afraid.

I have had to settle for the ever-ace KINO 10 blog which has just posted this short from Arev Manoukian called Nuit Blanche. Really moving which isn’t easy in a 4 minute film.

Sun Ra & the Cry of Jazz

March 27, 2011

Friday night was Sun Ra night at The Edge. Great space, great music, and they showed the 1959 film Cry of Jazz.

Flatpack Festival #1

March 26, 2011

Been seeing some great stuff at Flatpack Festival. First up was Sakamoto Hiromichi performing after a showing of We Don’t Care About Music Anyway. He took a grinder or a sander to the spike on his cello, producing sparks. Bit showy but when the improv was juxtaposed with the melodic samples it took the music to a real nice place. Like a minimal version of the Spring Heel Jack stuff.

David Lynch on product placement

December 3, 2008