More Ranting & Raving

Episode 3 of the Free School podcast (or as the bloomin’ kids are still calling it, TAASS or The Andy And Steve Show) has arrived! And it arrives just 2 days before my birthday and just a mere 15 days before Andy’s birthday. Thanks for all your best wishes.

Birmingham is 100% fully represented to the absolute max. As is our first EP! Out on Tirk Records on July 11th 2011, it’s called Ranting & Raving and it has remixes from Richard Norris of The Time & Space Machine and Sportloto. It’s available from HMV, Amazon or the wonderful Rough Trade records.

Tracks this week are:

1. Kultra Edits 1
2. The Jones Girls – Dance Turned Into A Romance
3. Gayngs – The Last Prom On Earth
4. Destroyer – Chinatown
5. Steve Reich – 2×5 Movement III Fast (Vacula remix)

Eat it all up…

Andy & Steve


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