Tomorrow Never Knows (sometimes it does)

The final Wire magazine of the year has Animal Collective for the Invisible Jukebox. The anticipation for the release of their new album is at fever pitch. I can’t wait. And nor can The Quietus.

This song will be on it and it is one of the most stunning tracks I’ve ever heard. Brother Sport:

Bradford Cox posted some AC micromixes earlier this year which go a long way to help shine a light on where AC come from, what they listen to and how that influences their music. Highlights for me are the two opening tracks but listen to the whole thing.

Geologist: Steppin’ Out by Joe Jackson

Avey Tare: Rocky Road by The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers

(The Panda Bear mix doesn’t seem to work for some reason…)


One Response to Tomorrow Never Knows (sometimes it does)

  1. […] so to the new album. Brother Sport has been around for some time. This video is from July 2007. My brother showed it me ages ago. I didn’t get it intially. That can […]

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